I'm currently available for hire for live performances, touring, and a variety of musical services including studio recording and arranging, as well as private trumpet lessons. Please click here to CONTACT me directly with inquiries regarding booking, rates, and specific availability. You may also use the CONTACT form below for general inquiries, or the Gig Salad form below to request quotes and easily book me directly through the Gig Salad website.

LIVE Engagements/ Gigs/TOURING: 

Need a experienced pro trumpet player for a live performance? I am available for hire for all types of live performances and gigs, from local concerts, club gigs, private events and weddings to regional, national or international touring. I have experience in all styles, including jazz, rock, pop, funk, soul, latin, folk, commercial, and classical. I can sight-read charts, improvise parts or solos, or quickly learn and memorize parts by ear. I can easily step into existing musical groups or help you hire professional bands or horn sections especially for your event, tailored to your musical needs and tastes.




Need trumpet/horns for your record, demo, soundtrack or other recording project? Horns are a great way to add life, warmth and sonic depth to your recording. I can come to your professional or home studio to work with you in person OR I can record professional quality horn tracks from my home studio and send them to you digitally, wherever you are in the world. I can sight-read written parts, learn parts by ear, improvise solos, overdub layers of harmonies, or help you hire a full horn section. I can also write or help you write/co-write and arrange trumpet or horn parts for your music in any style. Hiring me to write or record from my home studio is a great way to minimize cost and maximize potential for your project. I will typically negotiate a flat rate per track or project with you, and because you won't be paying an expensive hourly or daily studio rate on top of that, I can take more time to fine-tune parts and recordings until you are completely satisfied, without worrying about being "on the clock."   Feel free to contact me to discuss your project and inquire about rates. Below is a sample playlist of some of the work I have done for past clients. All horn parts were recorded from my home studio.




Interested in trumpet lessons? I am currently on faculty at The Prindle School in Easthampton, MA, which offers music lessons to students of all ages. I also offer private trumpet lessons for all ages and ability levels in your home or studio space in the Western Massachusetts. as well as online lessons via Skype/FaceTime/Google video chat. I will pass along the techniques of some of the masters I have studied with over the years, as well as some of my own techniques and routines I've developed over many years of professional experience. My lessons focus on developing a beautiful, clear trumpet tone, developing proper breathing techniques, using air more efficiently, embouchure development, building range and endurance, and overall musicianship/musicality. I can also introduce students to improvisation and jazz theory/harmony.